Friday, August 7, 2009

Terrace Tour, Part Two: left side

Having some Issues here. I just chopped out the 4 foot cosmos which wasn't flowering and it had been growing in the pot where the standard Iceberg had been, which started to do very poorly this summer. A girl can only take so much black spot before she cracks. So there is a Hole. The climbing Iceberg is hanging in there and I fed it little meals frequently this summer to perk it up again, post black spot malaise. I'm very attached to it: it arrived as a twig from Texas...This week one of the green nicotiana at its feet decided to wilt all at once and fall over. No clue.

In front of it is the Mexican heirloom cherry tomato, going gang-busters in about...5 hours of good sun a day.

Near the door, where the lilies of summer cavorted, is a large pot of basil. Can never have enough. I don't know what this green variety is... Bigger than Greek, smaller than ye regular greene. I saw a variegated basil at Union square last week and if I'd had one hand free of bags I would have snapped it up.


Interestingly, this happy basil does not have as much sun as it ought...maybe 4 hours. It has also not tried to make flowers yet, as the roof basils have.

My haul, yesterday evening...

Wish list? I'd like a black currant. Saw one on a terrace yesterday with fat currants. Ate some.


  1. I think I found you through Your Destiny is Stone Golden, and I am not one for gardening blogs or saturated color, but my.... Your terrace is a dream. I LOVE that red - it's genius. And the garden... What a beautiful place to call home..!

  2. Dreamy! I noticed in some older posts that you have some beautiful white "wild roses" climbing the walls-- what type of roses are these? Your blog is very inspiring!

  3. Nicotiana throws a terminal tantrum in high humidity.And I expect you know the "two hours" rule [of thumb,probably!] regarding blackspot?
    Oh-excuse the dirt on my typing - I've just potted-up 6 more basils and another common mint.

  4. Hi Maria - I'm generally a white room person, with splashes of colour. But the terrace suddenly seemed the space to run amok in. I still think of the red as pink, but I'd better may be red.

    Hi Chery Blossom Girl: the rose is Iceberg, a climber...and thank you :-)

    Dinahmow...really? I didn't know that. And the black spot was my fault. More like the two week rule.


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