Sunday, August 23, 2009


I like good things that don't change.

Does that make me a Republican?

I am not a Republican.

But I have strong conservative tendencies in some areas...

I like knowing that the sizzling shrimp of yesteryear at Schiller's will be replicated when I order them this year.

And they are.

We had 5 o'clock martinis and waited for 6 o'clock to order the shrimp and some impeccable fries. We had completed a truckload of immigration paperwork and were feeling fraught.


  1. yum. what the hell do think makes the shrimp dish? i want to make it. analyze, please. don't make me send you money for another visit.

  2. Oh, an ice cold martini would be so good right now...

  3. And these were superbly tall martinis. No space left in the glass for even a drop in temperature or an extra virgin olive...

  4. ek's saam met donna - daar wag 'n halwe pakkie shrimp in my vrieskas wat ek hierdie week wil maak. vertel, asseblief -

  5. The shreemps:

    They have defeated me once, when I made them at home.

    What's in the dish is:

    Shrimps, peeled
    Sliced garlic
    red chile
    lemon juice
    olive oil

    The lemon juice has begun to emulsify with the oil and is almost caramelly. The garlic is soft and sweet. The shrimp barely cooked.

    I put everything into a dish at once and under the broiler(or grill in SA). But that cooked the shrimp fast when the garlic was not done yet.

    So I would suggest cooking the garlic slowly with the oil and lemon, a bit like bagna cauda, then pouring it over the shrimp and THEN putting it under the broiler. Or perhaps...perhaps a broiler had nothing to do with it. It's just that the shrimp are a tiny bit brown on top which suggests fierce heat.

    m.heart - I rarely drink such a big martini but this one was quite delicious.

    Beence, nicely put :-)

  6. ek het toe my shrimps gemaak in jou styl, was leuk ;-)


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