Monday, August 3, 2009

Graffiti wall is tamed

I hated this wall's last incarnation. Organized art in neon orange and green, it was a Keith Haring tribute. It painted over opportunistic taggers and graffiti artists whose thick collage was improved by attrition. Then a few weeks ago I snapped this as I was cabbing it to Tribeca. It's still organized graffitti (Oz Gemeos, Brazil), I still miss the old stuff...but it's better.

West Houston at the Bowery.


  1. a thousand percent in agreeance with you...
    hey, would you gues t blog for me one day while i'm gone?
    possibly the 11th or 14th?

  2. Like, pressure! I'd be honoured...butbutbut...theme? Style? a la Bonbon?

  3. I noticed this too, a few weeks ago the guy was still painting it. The contrast of green and orange/yellow shouted out. Its not bad. I don't remember what was here before.

  4. This is by a pair of Brazilian twin graffiti artists named Os Gemeos. Check out NYTimes art review!


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