Saturday, August 15, 2009

Life on the terrace

Can you hear the stamping of thousands of tiny feet?

stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp stamp


  1. If those weren't aphids I'd be dumbstruck by their beauty. But I'm a petty, petty gardener who has no qualms about getting rid of them, in all their technicolor glory. Aphids must die! (Or at least eat somewhere else.)

  2. I have the same black swallowtail catapillar crewing on my rue plant this 2nd year. I actually enjoy seeing it turn from an egg to hatching into a butterfly.

    As for the aphids. I don't want any on my tomato plant. I got spider mites covering 90% of my plant. This is a great picture of aphids lined up.

  3. Are we going to be reading recipes that include aphids now? I haven't recovered from the swallowtail eggs yet....

  4. Ellen, Vince took an amazing macro of these little soldiers...eek, creepy. These were too much for me, and rather than squish them all (my favoured method), I chopped the lily stems, which are kind of needed for food production :-(

    Hi McSquare, nice to see you here :-) You're clever. Next year I will plant rue for them. I don't eat rue.

    Qc yes, I swear I could hear them chanting left right left right

    Rachel, what do you mean? Aphid sorbet is delicious!!!! - the palest of apple greens...

    Thank you FF Gal :-)


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