Friday, August 28, 2009

Between the bridges

Under the Manhattan Bridge, on the Brooklyn side...Daucus carrota, Queen Anne's Lace, host to the Black Swallowtail children (so they stay off my parsley, damnit). I saw no caterpillars, but we did see a cormorant diving and bobbing in the strong, incoming current.

This low 12" high grass - anyone? I swear it's growing on the Highline, too.

Brrr: cedar quince rust on the poor amelanchiers in the park between the bridges. I never did go and pick berries in June. I chickened out.

Sumac. For the first time this year I saw it sold at the Union Square Farmers' market, though the person tending the stand was vague about it. I buy it powdered from Sahadi's for Middle Eastern dishes, and I tasted two of these seeds, though the fine fluff covering each bothered me a bit. Same tart taste though - very nice.

Below, looking over the little bay in the park, a leggy Russian woman posing in gold bikini for a plump, elderly photographer...

Next time we'll take a picnic.


  1. I was at the highline yesterday (post coming) and I don't remember seeing that grass. Don't you wish their was a plant list somewhere?

    That said, I thought your BBP grass might be timothy grass. No, not that one.

    Then Green Foxtail. No, that's an annual.

    Its really hard to ID grasses, my weakest.

    So I land on a variety of pennisetum. Thats my best:)

  2. Russian? Says who? I think Swedish... ;-)

  3. Hard to see in photo, but I'm going for a pennisetum too.
    And, Marie, take care - I think you're supposed to dry the sumac and sort of winnow the hairy coat.


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