Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New York roof garden being planted long last, starting yesterday. In this nice, cool 90' weather.

Carrying on from where we left off on July 9th:

Here the Japanese ribbon grass, picked up from Glover Perennials on the North Fork of Long Island, waits on the sidewalk for its turn in the elevator to the top floor.

The tied-up maples ride up one by one with some perennials at their feet in the service elevator, which doubles as the moving office of the building's superintendant who has to operate the elevator for every ride to the top and back again.

Below, a convenient hole in the top allows our trees to stretch a little. Once on the top floor there is a winding staircase to climb, with several hundred pound trees, before the terraces are reached.

And there they are. Dan is steering.

Looking down at the level where the maple just arrived onto the area under the water tower, for the Japanese grass. That will happen tomorrow. We need more soil, and no deliveries are allowed on Wednesdays.

Top level, below.

Planters prepped with soil and drip irrigation leads.

The stately neighbour to the south...Ivy will be trained onto the screen. The shrubs here are hydrangeas quercifolia and paniculata, with deutzia, spirea and boxwoods. Also a small stewartia tree. All white and green.

Down below there's still a little way to go after adjustments were made to meet engineering requirements for the fence - which had to be removable in sections. This will be planted with bamboo.

More later in the week.
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