Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 31st. Evening


  1. The terrace seen from the air looks like a world of its own... Pretty, lush and almost self-sustaining...

  2. The terrace is gorgeous! I love seeing it from above like that, I had no idea it was quite so full of life.

  3. Enlarging the last photo gives us 'voyeurs' a good in-depth look at how things are growing up there. That fig!No sign of the panther in that jungle...

  4. Is that gaura in the left corner? I love how it's just growing with abandon. Your terrace is absolutely lovely.

  5. Beautiful skies and gorgeous terrace. And i like how the Felcos are symbolically laid out all by themselves on the table..."these are what wrought this place," they are saying.

  6. Marie, I think one of the last two photos on this post would be a good 3rd photo for our contest. Just my unsolicited opinion...

  7. Beence - I like seing it from the top, even if it invloves some acronatics through the trapdoor...

    m.heart - from close up it does not quite withstand the scrutiny


    Dinahmow - the panther gets nervous wehn I'm on the roof, and usually hides in the apartment. Also, I think he's having a midlife crisis. I think we may soon see an orange sports car.

    Gigi - yes, gaura, nice stuff. And thank you!

    Paula - the felcos actually made me mad when I saw them, I thought Ugh! They're messing up my picture! Hence the more recent non felco-d one :-) But I like the way you put it...thank you.

    Hi Ellen! I hoep the other 'above' shots sufficed. I got competition nerves!


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