Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gowanus Garden has its day

Anne Raver's Times piece about Kirstin and her garden links to 66 Square Feet...

So, for the blog record, this is still my favourite garden in New York, ever since I started blogging about it in 2007. And these are the cottage flowers that I first saw growing in it in 2006.

And this is what the side closest to the street looked like last weekend, when the Frenchie and I walked over the bridge:

Le Concrete, as threatened, by the city.

Below, in contrast, last, late Summer.

Things change.

But, then, I had not met Kirstin. I used to wander by, and wonder, and wish they'd ask me to play.


  1. Makes one wonder: if the write-up had happened before the city could get its ugly hands on the sidewalk, would things have been different?

  2. I just looked at your blog because of today's article in the NYTimes. Unlike you, I grow few flowers myself (I live in a deer-infested part of the country), but I take macro pictures of them every day. I love the blog. Thank you for sharing the photos and words.

  3. The juxtaposition between the two photographs makes me sad. :( But the write-up in the Times is so lovely! Congrats on the link, and on the coverage for that lovely Gowanus Garden!

  4. saw the name Marie Viljoen in the Times and said to myself. that has to be a boer chick and sure enough!!

  5. Beence, yes...but maybe it will lead to more unearthing.

    Hi Robley - and your kitty might like Don Estorbo's blog :-)

    Thanks, Jill - I loved the pictures in the story...

    Ja nee, hoe't jy geraai, Anonymous? :-)

  6. oh Yay! I've been waiting with baited breath on this article! (I knew it was coming because Jose happened on the photo shoot for the story).

    SO glad to see you mentioned Marie!
    And SO glad to see a beautiful rogue garden featured in the Times!!

  7. That was an excellent article, Marie...and i love that she quoted you as saying it's a sidewalk insurrection! It's really a shame that half of the garden space is now under concrete...smooth, bland, concrete. I don't have a rock bar but i do have a pickaxe!

  8. Beautiful post, Marie, and congrats on being mentioned in the Times! (And kudos to Kristin!) I have to wonder along with Beence what might not have happened had the Times article been more timely ...


  9. I just read the piece about your garden in the times. Fantastic. I'm an L.A. in Seattle, always trying to get folks to create gardens in small, "leftover" spaces.

  10. Yay! The Times finally got something right, if a tad late!
    And I hope thoshe shunflowersh can cope with the present chill here! ;-)

  11. The blue and pink flowers in your favorite Guwanus garden are... what?

    A curious mole here.

    Molie in CT

  12. Lisa - is't it great, yes! I still think our blog interactions and overlaps are ironically funny. The big bad web it ain't. I'll see you and your pear tree tomorrow!

    Paula - I will alert you to the party if it ever materialzes! I was gratifed to see what I said printed as I said it, too.

    Keli'i - maybe we can use the article as fodder. Hello? Meester Mayor?

    WellDone - yes, continue the good work!

    Dinahmow - hic!

    Molie - I think they are larkspurs, but I'll check with Kirstin.


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