Friday, May 1, 2009


Our first little gift. Didn't I say we'd added chicken manure???

If I ever find that dog...if I ever find that dog's owner. Dog kebabs.

But right now? It's raining. The plants are drinking.


  1. hmmph and it looks like it's right next to a nepeta...doggone those dargs!

  2. One of the biggest antagonists of the clean public garden or wood is the dog walker.

  3. "Dargs! Who needs 'em." Don Estorbo

    Most parks here have a dog ban policy and those that do allow them insist on leashes and poo pick-up. Yeah, right...

  4. QC it's next to some agastache masquerading as nepeta.

    Many people here do pick up the damn poo but then there are the lazy, sneaky s (and daughters).o.b's who do not. Don't get me started. Dog fritters. Spiced dog stew. Of course it's not the dogs' fault...but ick. It's so disgusting.

  5. Hey, I recognize those nuggets. Them theres some black gold!

  6. I'm still trying to the catch the s.o.b. that tosses theirs into my garbage can if I leave it anywhere near the alley... I don't want their stinking crap in my can, especially when the temps hit 100 F... take your darg's crap home! and if I ever figure out who it is ..they'll have plenty of it at their a matter of fact it will be on their house. I'll collect all I find and make sure it is smeared all over their front door. Guess they'll take it home to their own damn garbage can after that.....


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