Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two years ago on the terrace

I missed my poor blog's birthday. It is two years and one week old. Estorbo started a blog first, in February of 2007, and soon I thought that if a cat could do it, perhaps I could, too. These pictures are from that last week of May, 2007.

It was a solitary time, and after a spell of deep blues, I made a certain amount a peace with it. I liked what I did for a living, who I knew, and where I lived. And it is still my theory now, that until I reached that sense of self and independence, I would not find that elusive, very specific person I was longing for. But at that point I was resigned, and had no theories.

Two months later he arrived on my blog in reponse to a query on mine on his website, chewing Japanese gum because I had written about it.

Uncannily, he met, and surpassed, the laundry list of expectations I had sub-consciously and wittingly long fostered, fine-tuned and dismissed as unachievable in one man.

Now Vancouver will leave our lives, and about that, I am very sad. It is the loveliest of cities.

In six week he will be here, for keeps.

That's about long enough to decently chill a bottle of champagne?


  1. Wow, how time flies. And yet it is perfect. Happy birthday to the blog. The countdown is on. Chill the cat and groom the champagne!

  2. I didn't know that you met Vince, er Beence, through the blogosphere. How wonderful! I'm sorry that Vancouver will be left behind, but how wonderful that he'll be joining you, permanently, soon!!

  3. Happy Blogoversary, Marie! Wonderful news that you and Beence -- and Estorbo -- will be together for keeps ...


  4. happy blogoversary!
    you met vince via the blog?! incredible. clearly there is a "modern love" column just waiting to happen here ;)

  5. celebrations all around! love this post and your story :) xx

  6. Ah, but Vancouver isn't going anywhere, and you can enjoy visiting like locals in the future. :)

    Happy blog birthday, and here's to the future!


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