Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I stretched the faded kikoi over the terrace to shade the middle part and to create a mini airconditioner for the apartment. It makes a big difference. Then I climbed onto the roof via the landing's trapdoor, and burned my bare feet taking pictures from above. Such a good argument for greenroofs. Everyone should be made to walk barefoot on the roof membranes of their buildings.

Cluttered canvas. The roses are fading and fluttering down today, petal by petal.

New York Harbour ahead and to the west of the terrace. The downtown tip of Manhattan is out of the frame to the right. On the other side of the water is New Jersey. The island is Governor's Island, the big white monolith is, I think, ventilation for the tunnel from downtown Manhattan to Brooklyn. Way to the left (south) is Staten Island, not seen. That's where the orange ferry is going. The ferry's free.
End of rooftop tour.


  1. Thanks for the tour of your terrace and roof! that view is spectacular, especially on a clear day like today. Only thing missing is a certain blag cad. I trust he was indoors stayin' cool.

  2. A rainy, chilly Monday here, but I have just had a New York fix. First from m's Central Park pics and now this roof top tour. Wonderful!

  3. No roof walks -we do not torture!

    I think I'm glad I cannot see the garden, the New Dawn is weighted down with flowers I hear.

    Two weeks left....


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