Friday, May 22, 2009

Roses in the evening

The New Dawn is opening from its farthest end: a cane about twelve feet long that stretches over the sliding door and meets the Iceberg on the other side.

The roses cover the airconditioner, which cannot be used while they are there. I have to pull them back and under when it gets really hot. Ugh. Summer in New York. Tropical hardship post.

The blushed petals of the Iceberg on the standard rose. No rose party this year. Combination of not as much of a splash, all at once, in terms of bloom, the kitty's uncertain health, and a fatigue of parties sans le 'usband. That will change soon, though.
I'll say this about artificial fertilizers. Since they are basically crack for plants, the plants Respond (and then get exhausted) - the organic route is a little more...subtle. But the blooms are large.

My friend, the Abraham Darby.


  1. wow, those are beautiful! i didnt think i was really a 'rose person' but now i also want some!

  2. Thank you, bars yet? Sorry. Can't help it. Bears! Bears!

    Doc - turned another one, ka-ching! Lol...You can have some in Cape Town :-) Nothing smells better than roses.

  3. beautiful. the terrace must smell amazing!

  4. Lisa - hi..he's on the mend, touch wood. Maybe I need the pills and special diet :-)

    M.heart - it really does smell lovely.

  5. The white ones, close up, remind me of a kind of very delicate white mushroom, wax looking, I can't remember the name... Not a very flattering comparison for a rose I know, but it is to me, as it brings me back to the French woods...

  6. Vincemt you are so French. See a rose and think mushrooms! :-) Now I'm hungry. Oh, wait. I'm always hungry.

  7. Beautiful roses. Well, when is a rose not beautiful! And you're right about artificial fertilisers.

  8. Artificial/chemical fertilisers are like anti-biotics - quick fix. But they work

  9. Hen, they work, but they produce awful by proucts which go into the water and air, like fluoride, and scrape strip mines bare, and destroy coral atolls. And that's just the Phosphates...


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