Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring greens

At the Borough Hall Farmers' Market, I bought these Delicious Ramps from the Wilklow Farm stall, but luckily did not need a pound. My bunch cost about $4.

And at the Union Square market I eyed these dainty lettuces.

And pondered the kale and broccoli rabe flowers.


  1. I got two bunches yesterday at the Grand Army market. They were from Highland NY, where I was told they were harvested in the woods behind the farm. He said this would be the last chance for ramps since the season hadn't favored them (short spring.) $10 a pound.

    They. were. good.

  2. $16 ? ***hell! Mind you, I'd almost be willing to pay that for a good Savoy cabbage.Or Cavalo nero kale. Oh, well, when mango trees start "bombing" us and we have to dodge coconuts I suppose New Yorkers will spit in envy.

  3. Yeah...ironic for a wild weed food. They used to grow in my Alexandria, Virginia garden and I had no idea what they were!

    Yes, quite spitting about the mangoes. General price here, about $1.49 per smallish, "curved" mango. The bomb-sized ones go for more.Oh! Oh! Grenadillas:...not that you can ever find them, but 50cents each??? I gobble them up in Cape Town: can't get enough.

  4. So funny...ramps supposedly grow wild around here, but haven't seen nary a one. But did get a huge but tender head of red leaf lettuce, package of mizume, and bunch of rapini, so am not complaining too much.

  5. there's probably a whole glade full of ramps within walking distance from my back door, but i'll be darned if i can find it. if i go out this weekend and look i hope it won't be too late...i've seen so many tempting ramp recipes online this week it's creating quite a craving.


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