Thursday, May 21, 2009

La Flâneuse

A city's-worth of gardens, and views from gardens, in a day's work and walking. Above, a rose in a tub on Bergen Street, on my way to the subway. It is officially the Time of Roses.

The spectacular view from a terrace in the West Village.

A garden I designed last year in Tribeca.

A doorway in the West Village.

Tribeca roof gardens.

And another HWV garden in Tribeca, close to the Hudson, taken from a terrace where I am designing a new garden.


  1. Flâneuse, that is such a sweet expression.. Can't seem to come up with an accurate English translation for it. Wanderer just doesn't cut it. Ideally though, you might have to slow your walking pace down a touch pour vraiment flâner... ;-)

  2. Beence, i'd translate it as "Stroller" ... but the problem with that is that "stroller" also means a baby carriage!

  3. Lovely aerial gardens in your circumambulation, Marie! all that greenness spilling down out of the blue sky.


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