Wednesday, May 27, 2009

East Houston median

This was April 16th...more or less when I got The Idea to transform this strip.

Below, April 30th, prepped:

And April 30th, planted:

And below: today, May 27th!

The catnip - Nepeta 'Walker's Low'. So far no sign of the Eldridge Street raccoon rolling in it.

The agastache - hyssop - beginning to smell very anise-y. Flowers in a couple of weeks, we think. The bees will party, we hope.

Rozanne geranium just starting in amongst the roses and catnip.

More nepeta.

The first Iceberg roses. What has not fared well, though, is the Itea, sweetspire. Parts of the bushes are dead, and it may be water-related, or transplant shock. Research needed.

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