Monday, May 18, 2009

Supper on the terrace

Friday night on the terrace with Constanza and cat. Champagne, country bread, bresaola, tapenade, sunchoke and radicchio salad with walnut oil vinaigrette, cheese. Dessert at Robin des Bois. Eric and Mimi had to stay at home with a sick baby Giao so I binned the planned dinner as I know that my dear friend has the appetite of a restrained mouse. It's all about the size of the furniture in Bogota, but that's another story.

It was lovely to see you Cons, and to hear about the other life. We miss you!



  1. Marie,
    Oh what timeless bliss it was to see you and spend time in my favorite garden, the very symbol of the essence of Theengs if you ask me. It's, like, deep. I feel like a restrained mouse today in Durham, but it is all worth it. We got home at 1 AM after maxing out every second in NY and leaving from Jacques Torres at 330 PM. Stay in bloom.

  2. Cons - brought back the good old days. xxxxx

    Beence, we are sorry, too!


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