Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roses in the mist

Prettier than gorillas.

Well, I did say that May was rose month.

Today in New York we are in a cloud.

The roses like it.

It makes them last longer.

For two weeks I love the New Dawn. The rest of the year I mutter about ripping it out and replacing it with a grape vine.

But it think it heard me and is putting on a show, just in case. New Dawn is the thorniest rose I know. Very good burglar proofing.


  1. They smell a lot nicer than gorillas, too! Hmm, wonder if those roses could be used to keep the bandito away?

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I love New Dawn roses, and these pictures have me pretty much swooning.

  3. The lovely lady probably has "Albertine" somewhere in her parentage!

  4. i just found your's as wonderful as your roses! i will be back for sure!


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