Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Native Garden at the BBG

...is very woodsy. I'm afraid these photos are two weeks old, which at this time of year is just silly, because things happen so quickly.

Persimmon tree bark, above: funny, I thought they were little trees. How do you get to the persimmons?

Royal fern, above, about 4 feet high with its feet in the water.

Lady ferns? I'm guessing...with Solomon's Seal behind them.

I am a lover of ferns.

Below, Osmunda cinnamomea - the beautifully named Cinnamon fern.

Osmunda sensibilis - sensitive fern.

And quite tough, despite its name.

Below, I recognized these from a description read somewhere: but where? Euell Gibbons? Rob Jett's blog?

May apples! The weird plants that have one flower each, which turns into an edible fruit. You know I'll be back at fruit time.

Single flower:

Lady slippers...another first for me. And m.heart has them growing in the woods near her house!

Lovely Trillium? - again, known only from books.

Heart-leafed groundsel, Packea aurea, in golden drifts in the morning sunlight.

Above: OK, need help here. I couldn't find its label. The most delicious scent...like lemons, and honeysuckle. Tall, sappy stems growing from the leaves beneath.

9/28/09 - Actaea pachypoda - doll's eyes, thanks Frank and Flatbush Gardener

Fluffily-flowered Dicentra eximia, above - bleeding heart. And my new favourite below, shooting stars, Dodecatheon meadia.

Like sputniks.

The singing of birds...

The soft, mulched path...


  1. what wonderful cool green native woods! that mystery plant looks soooo familiar but i can't pluck a name from my brain...will look in my wildflower references when i get home tonight (by which time i'm sure someone else will have identified them).

  2. I wandered through the Native Garden there last April and felt very much at home! I'm wondering if the white mystery plant is Meadow Sweet? I think I have something very similar in my mixed border. I'll look at the little tag tonight, or this weekend...

  3. Also, I have some photos of a gorgeous maroon Trillium that grows here (not in my woods but on the side of a nearby road, by a stone wall). I'll share photos. I'm glad you enjoyed the Lady Slippers. The yellow one's are amazing, and I've only seen those in catalogs and perhaps at a nearby perennial farm...

  4. Canada Mayflower, Canada Mayflower!

  5. QC - yes, I have yet to get to a book to look it up. Nevermind Google.

    m.heart - meadow sweet: I don't think so...I'll post another picture later of its leaves and stems..and I think your lady slippers are more beautiful than the fat yellow ones.

    Frank - I just looked it up :-)dead ringer for the flower, but the palmate-y leaves are quite different; it grows in a big bushy clump about 18" high, and then stems are very long holding the flowers well above the leaves.

    The search is still on.

    How's them woods? Seen any bars?

  6. Bars? Hmm. I left all that behind.
    Wine, yes, bars no.
    Eating and drinking alone these days...

  7. I thought there wus bars in them thar hills...

  8. It just flashed into my brain...i think the white flowers might be foam flower (tiarella cordifolia).

    and yes, Native American pawpaw, not tropical papaya!!

  9. QC, not tiarella ( a favourite of mine - too tall, leaves all wrong, too late in the season...). But yes, when I just post the flower head it's confusing!


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