Friday, May 8, 2009

Breakfast with peonies drive the devils away. And it worked!

This morning: flapjack, lingonberry jam and Danish blend coffee. Possibly my favourite time of day. The second and thirds sips confirming and strengthening the first, the bite of acid-sweet fruit against soft butter on firm but warm and yielding plaatkoekie.

Another sip. Regretting the inevitable end. Knowing you can do it again tomorrow.

Something about the shadow of the cup, so familiar. That time of year, day, that throws up unremembered memories, a clarity of longing...


  1. peonies are my absolute favorite. yours bring to mind a long weekend i spent in the city years ago, during which i had pink peonies in the hotel room the whole time, overlooking the empire state buildling...

  2. I love what you wrote about your breakfast--really lovely.

  3. The light and shadows in your picture are fantastic...they call to mind one of those Dutch Old Master still lifes.

  4. Unremembered memories huh? an interesting concept...:)

  5. I can think of very few better breakfast companions than peonies. They're simply my favorites.

    I've enjoyed so much my visit to your blog. Such a lovely place you've created in the world...



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