Monday, May 25, 2009

Abraham Darby redux

All in a day's weather. We did not receive our promised thunderstorms yesterday.

These miracle flowers came from the winter-dried stick of rose in its terra cotta pot.

I suppose it is obvious that I cannot get enough of them.

I want it to rain. Relentless good weather is depressing. Rain is an exhoneration. Good weather expects so much of you.


  1. You've become a NYer, complaining of the weather.

    The sun was so consistent in southern NM, it couldn't ever bear the weight of a bad day.

    The garden needs the rain, and we know it needs the rain.

    I wanted the rain too. I heard the thunder in the distance, but never any rain here, on the farm. Still, I stayed in.

  2. Of course, this is what Mr. Austin worked so hard to achieve!
    (Many of his early roses were not remontant, but he plugged away. Thank goodness .)

  3. Love the one with the grey sky above! Painting-like...

  4. Gorgeous roses. I too find myself wishing for variance in the weather. And agree that too much of the good stuff is very demanding...

    (this spoken from one who has spent many many sunny weekends hidden attending matinee movies..)

  5. Beautiful roses! and you got your wish i it's raining cats and (if Estorbo will pardon the expression) dogs...and i would guess you've got the same weather. I'm hoping the rain will settle in all the planting i did this weekend.

  6. What gorgeous roses...sort of look like a cross between a rose & peony...absolutely beautiful!! Does the fragrance match their beauty?

  7. Frank - your battery was too flat for those orchids wuznt it? :-)Hmmm, NM. Good place.

    MIT - that's a nice word.

    Beence, si, now we need iPhones for painting.

    Lisa - that's a good way of dealing!

    QC - no sign of the cats and dargs yet. Hoping. So much pollen and dust about the eyes is itching.

    Camille - yes! Rose scent plus something very lemony. Delicious.

  8. It rained by the bucketful on the turnpike as I was on the way home Sunday night. I almost drove into a couple of lightning strikes -- that was exhilarating. But even my drought-tolerant herbs are looking crispy. I suppose it's --sigh-- hose time.


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