Sunday, May 3, 2009

66 Square Feet

Fiddling with my terrace's Picasa album (Picasa? Flickr? Picasa? Fickr...oy), I added quite a few pictures. If you have nothing better to do this Sunday, here are pictures of and from the 66 square foot terrace from 2006 till last week.

Click on slideshow for fullscreen. Once there, for autoplay, then click top, left, on "slideshow".


  1. I protest.

    There are over 15 pictures of the fur ball, 5 or 6 of insects and none of me. It shows where I stand on the evolutionary scale, a fact that should be kept hidden as per my user privacy policy.

  2. I guess I was too distracted to take pictures of you :-)

    Anyway, blame the Dept. of Homeland Security, not me.

  3. so many of the inbetween seasons when the terrace is not frigid or a sodden jungle, I have been in Vancouver. So. Where are the pictures of me on YOUR terrace?


  4. Ok, I'll re-post them right away. :-)

  5. Really? I thought I saw Beence. Dunking a croissant, I believe.
    And it made me absurdly pleased to recognise so many that I have grown.I admire your control over that "Iceberg."

  6. re: Flicker vs Picasa, the net nannies at work don't let me see pictures from either of them! *major pout* Which is why i went to Kodakgallery for my on-line picture repository. Also, it was free at the time...

  7. Durn net nannies! Picasa and Flickr are free too, though you can upgrade at a cost.


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