Monday, April 2, 2012

Flowers in March

That was March in flowers - from hellebores to magnolias, just like that.

Spot the invasive aliens? Spot the well behaved ornamental aliens? Spot the natives? Gets complicated, doesn't it?

The Edgeworthia papyrifera (top right - Brooklyn Botanic Garden), Viburnum x bodnantense (aka dawn viburnum, second row, left - Warren Street, Cobble Hill) and Magnolia soulangeana (bottom row, right - Central Park) vie for the fragrance award.

The Dicentra cucullaria (Dutchman's breeches, bottom, left - Inwood Hill Park) and Sanguinaria canadense (bloodroot, second row, middle - Midwood, Prospect Park) compete for prettiest native spring ephemeral.

The Pyrus calleryana (aka callery pear, third row middle - Clinton Street, Cobble Hill) perhaps loses to the more cherry (species unknown - Red Hook) for beauty of blossom but wins the quantity award...Does the spicebush (Lindera benzoin, top, middle - Inwood Hill Park) win because it is native species?

Ranunculus ficaria (second row, right, lesser celandine - Midwood, Prospect Park) and Vinca minor (periwinkle, bottom, middle - Inwood Hill Park) can tough it out for most successful invasive: Dude - how many native species did you smother today?

And the hellebore? The hellebore never speaks. It is far too afraid of being noticed.

See last March's flowers. They were very yellow.


  1. Who woulda thunk that we would have a March like we did? Can't wait to see what the late spring and summer hold ...

  2. Cannot tell you how much I would love to lunch with you on Friday! Would have to bring Mitchell, tho.
    And, you would have to pick the place.

    Email at if you want to try to work something out.

    Can't thank you enough, tho, for your help in choosing the time of year. It looks like there will be lots and lots to see! xo

  3. I never have enough of the hellebore...pretty...PRETTY!! At last, Spring has reached Denver and everything is blooming ��


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