Sunday, April 22, 2012

The High Line this April

The High Line, in this strangest of Aprils. We had that snow in October, breaking trees all over the city, and we have now three months of spring compressed into its beginning.

It is the least undiscovered of New York's parks. 

A fluoresent redbud. I refrained from nibbling its sweet flowers.

A white redbud.

Down in the woodsy sections, foaming tiarella and woodland phlox.

And in the era of reviled lawns, I still like the clipped green carpet above 23rd Street.

Below, the Chelsea Meadows are still flat. By August they are rolling, voluptuous grassland

And from below the park really does disappear, preserving its aura of lost and found.

I'll check back in again in late May, and see what is happening, then.


  1. I just think the High Line is the most inspired thing, I long to see it for myself. Piet O - what a master! x

  2. You're just making me long to come back next spring. This is second on my list - behind BBG!

    Didn't know there were WHITE redbuds - lovely! i like the way the flowers grow right on the branches. Mother Nature trying new things.

  3. I love this park, though I've only seen it in pictures. I can't imagine not having living plants everywhere I look for as far as I can see - I live in northwest Arkansas in the country.

    There is something so beautiful about the contrast of the city with the gorgeous growing plants.

  4. HIgh Line is definitely on list of places to visit if I ever make it to New York!

  5. Saw the High Line in 2009 on a trip to New York, it was amazing back then, great way to fill up an empty and unusable space. Looks fantastic now.


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