Thursday, April 12, 2012

A room with a view

This is what my mom sees from her bedroom window at the tip of Battery Park on the island of Manhattan. The window even opens (a little, which produces a wolf like, howling draft through the carpeted corridors).

The life on the water is constant. Last night I counted 37 watercraft, ranging from ferries to taxis to barges to poh-lice. During the day the line for the Statue of Liberty boat tour wraps around the Battery Bosque below, the plane-tree shaded gardens designed by Piet Oudolf.

On her first day in town we went for a walk up the Esplanade, beside the Hudson. These are serviceberry blossoms. You know what those mean.

I found some trout lilies (please note abdominal exercise in background). The plantings here are thoughtful and unusual, and very well maintained.

Unusually, my little camera's battery pooped out, after this. We had risen at 4am to fetch my mother from JFK and my brain is not at its best in the wee hours. But we'll return for more pictures:  I found a new garden - well, new to me, just off North Cove - very good for picnics!


  1. Next time I visit your fair city, I'm letting you choose the hotel. That is NOT the view I had on 57th Street!

    Beautiful trout lilies.

  2. Battery Park! My friends live in this neighborhood. Your beautiful photos make me miss NY!!!

  3. thanks to you alerting me to service berries, i made delicious service berry scones last year. i amazed my co-worker who watched me pick them from trees just under our noses at work. then i gave him a few scones.


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