Monday, April 16, 2012

Pink at the BBG

After my class at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden yesterday I strolled back to the subway through the humming 5 o'clock cherry blossoms.

The best view of them is up high.

If I were allowed to, I would create a cherry blossom picnic. There would have to be pink champagne. But no picnics allowed. Uncivilized.

While I talked about gardening at the BBG, my mom and Vince visited Grand Central, Momofuku (pork buns and smoked chicken wings) and...Best Buy. My mother needed a new camera. Best Buy makes my ears buzz.

Then again, so do blossoms. And so did the High Line on Saturday. There's a lot left on our list (um, and back to Grand Central to return a very expensive and very smelly wild boar sausage - long story) and I must muster a Litter Mob tomorrow.

No, I will not take my mother to the woods. There are limits.
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