Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Visiting the flowers

Everyone was at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today. So were we. It was a mad house. I have never seen so many people there. I could have taken a peaceful nap in these muscari, bees or no bees. I like bees.

After the garden were we spat out onto an insane Flatbush Avenue. We caught a bus. Then a cab. The day had started on the subway. It ended in my mom's hotel room in Battery Park, with a picnic, overlooking the beautiful harbour and the constant boat traffic. Her room is quiet. Spring and the Hudson River flow by far below.

We are all pooped.


  1. Was it a lovely lovely day? Sounds beautiful. Especially the bees and the grape hyacinths.

  2. Lovely picture. Welcome Marie's mother! I hope you are recovering from jet lag and enjoying your visit.

  3. Gorgeous muscari! Next time I am absolutely going to BBG - opera or no opera! Hope you and your mother have a lovely visit!


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