Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pancakes and bacon

Sometimes, a person just has to eat a real breakfast.

Yes. There was maple syrup.


  1. Dear Marie,

    Just found your blog in the Martha Stewart. It's really lovely and will be part of my regular reads. Well done from a fellow Capetonian,
    All the best, Yvette

  2. What a beautifully cooked breakfast. My mouth just watered.

  3. On a weekday?

    Mam oh mam.

    xo jane

  4. That looks like a very tasty breakfast Marie. Did you use Vermont Maple Syrup? If not, I will be glad to send you some.:)

  5. chapters and cream - thank you! It's nice to have Cape Town in the house :-)

    G - ha! success :-)

    Bow Street - so do I. It's been a daffodilly spring.

    Thanks, Lorraine :-)

    Jane - no ma'am, no way. That was Le Weekend xx

    halfpintv - you're so kind! Um, we are awash in maple syrup. Vince's mom keeps us VERY well stocked with the Canadian kind :-)

  6. Real syrup makes all the difference, doesn't it? We bring our own to the local diner because they only have those tubs of corn syrup.

  7. Ellen...hmm, I'm missing out on diner experiences, I think. You mean corn syrup flavoured like maple???

  8. Those pancakes look gorgeous Marie - recipe? In the middle of a blizzard in England after being sunburnt in the garden last week - what's going on?? :)


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