Monday, April 9, 2012

Eating fava bean leaves

Above, March 13th. The fava beans were planted and tucked in behind their chicken wire.

Last night, while our Easter leg of lamb rested in the apartment below, I went up to the roof and picked the first tender leaves and sappy stems for our salad.

Picked some pea shoots, too.



  1. It's wonderful to have pea shoots already this time of year. I've planted some mesclun mixes, and although hugging the ground, they germinated well and during our next unseasonal burst of warm weather I expect them to leap from the ground.

  2. Thank you, Karen - I am enjoying the 50mm lens...

    Rachelle - My one mesclun mix turned yellow. The other was fine. Two different potting soils. Fascinating. Enjoy yours!

  3. Pea shoots...I wouldn't have thought of that. I am new to this. I love your blog!!

  4. Fanie has just planted our broad beans yesterday in seed trays and has also carefully covered them with a maze of tiny branches to discourage those marauding squirrels- can't wait for the shoots.


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