Sunday, March 11, 2012

Is it spring?

An unusually warm day in March, and the daffodils at the West 81st Street entrance to Central Park were glorious...

The crocuses luxuriant.

And The Ramble resolutely tight-lipped about spring. The green spikes are field garlic, but not fat enough here for me to bother about.

But what is that, above? I'd like to know...

My red-tipped knotweed shoots. How many days before harvest? Million dollar question. Ive never seen them this young and don't know how long it takes for them to reach 12" from this stage, with fluctuating temperatures. Late this coming week, perhaps. It has dipped below freezing, since.

This very early azalea had suffered from frost-bite, I think. The blooms had wilted strangely on their slender branches. 

Cornelian cherry - actually a dogwood, Cornus mas.

And sweet, lemony, straggly winter honey suckle, Lonicera fragrantissima.

Above, at the West 69th Street entrance, a gorgeous witch hazel, and many hellebores.

Almost back down at Columbus Circle, a strangely deserted lawn on a day when the whole park was dotted with happy people soaking up the soft weather. It is still fenced off for rehabilitation (should we fence ourselves off, occasionally? I think so).


I went home carrying  a picnic bought at Wholefoods at Columbus Circle to eat on the roof in Brooklyn (I had been looking for some copies Edible Manhattan so that I could read my knotweed story in print, but they don't carry it...?). It was a holiday. The weather so lovely that no one could possibly be expected to behave themselves in a sensible domestic manner.

And spring is not here, yet.

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