Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snow geese over Brooklyn

I heard some in the night. Geese. Flying high. I wait for this and love it. To be surrrounded by millions and millions of humans and to hear this, to me, ancient sound. Of life on the move. Of seasons heeded. Then I heard it again, five minutes ago. Doubtful at first. Construction is all around us. But steadily closer. I rushed out to the terrace, looked up, across the arc of blue sky, and found them. White! Snow geese. Heading NNW. At last, my first positive snow goose sighting. Instead of switching to manual I shot on auto, with predictable results. The camera was confused. What do you want me to focus on??? So - bad picture. I am sorry. Perhaps I'll get a second chance. I hope so.


  1. How wonderful!!! What a glimpse of glory in the midst of all the 'human' sound.

    When the snow geese get near our region (in northerly Alberta Canada) we love catching sight of them too. One town even has a snow goose festival as the lake near is is on the birds' migration flight north.

  2. No, it's a great photo...and story!


  3. Love the picture, actually. Sort of answers the question as to what will be around longer.
    We have a place on the Great Wicomico River in VA--flows into the Chesapeake about three miles down. The migrating waterfowl are already back from exotic places! Where you guys been, huh? They're not saying..

  4. Wow, so fantastic! The weather is doing weird things to the plants, and to the birds!

  5. I'm in COnnecticut and I have yet to see a flock of snowgeese! How cool!...

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