Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cars and flowers

I went in search of winter aconite. I wanted to recreate a picture. This picture (linked), in fact. It's out of focus, but I like the point of view. I was too late. Of course. Rats. The aconite was all Elizabethan  ruffles of green leaf.

 This is that little park at the end of Cadman Plaza, at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian ramp and the Henry Street off ramp, if you are a car.

                                                        It is nicely maintained. Quite a feat. 

Magnolias will be next...they are opening, petal by early petal.


  1. This park was the park I judge the arrival of spring by, at least when my studio was in Dumbo. High st a stop, cut across the road, frogger, all downhill from there.

  2. I love my daily dose of bits of the city through your blog... and seeing the efforts of gardeners amount the asphalt. That first shot is a beautiful mix of city taxi and earthgrown daffs.

  3. Hey Marie, sweet pics. Your post yesterday made me think of a movie I saw listed recently about violet history in not so far away Rhinebeck, NY. Maybe it will play someday in the city somewhere. I know I'd be interested to watch it.

  4. Our magnolias should be done soon...trying to hold onto Spring but it is fast ahead of me and March.

    xo jane

  5. I love flowers, specially those out there in the open, so natural and beautiful.
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