Friday, March 16, 2012

How we live

Items on the agenda: Little tender (really) chuck steaks for supper after a meatless week. Courtesy of Los Paisanos. Spinach, which I have been craving, on the side. A rosti-like potato cake, if it works. I've never made one. Frank and Betsy here for supper tomorrow - a pig shoulder to slow-cook with roasted oranges, tomatoes, sweetly smoky ancho peppers; mangos to puree and turn into a granita with lime juice and a thread of tequila running through...or rum? Tortillas to pan-toast at the last minute. I've left something out. Salad? Not sure yet. Maybe jicama and cilantro and fresh orange or grapefruit segments. Avocado, if I can find ripe...

Somewhere, I must plant my 70's-homage pansies. I mean, look at them. I usually go for small, sweet, elegant blue violas. I have no idea what came over me.

Seeds have been sown, but by no means all of them. The table on the terrace has been turned into a potting shed. In the spirit of, Buy first, Google later, I brought home a bag of Fafard Organic Potting Soil from GRDN. As a fulltime garden designer I liked and used Fafard for years, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bagsful. I loved the quality of the soil, and so did the plants, and I did not delve into origin or company background. But nowadays that is a sad excuse. We can never say anymore, But I didn't know. I'll write more about soil in another post. For now I need quite a bit, for repotting strawberries and herbs and for filling empty pots.

From the harbour the Staten Island ferry is barking its departure horn in a thin white mist over the water. Somewhere the Frenchman is running, perhaps past the same ferry, perhaps on his way back over the Brooklyn Bridge.

I have potatoes to grate - supper has been late this week as I remain confused by the light and our recent time change. Chilly March has returned, reassuringly, and spring lurks - its best moment, when it is nothing but potential.


  1. Wow, those pansies are vibrant! I am repotting my sedate petunias.

  2. Are you referirng to the fact that Fafard is now owned by Syngenta?

  3. Those pansies - their faces are like little kitties - Kehdi, even Minkey.
    Your love of them maybe handed down from this hen. I don't go for those frilly, flappy, blousey types

  4. Wonderful food, beautiful words... and oooh, those pansies! haven't seen anything like that variety here in CT.

  5. This time of year those of us in cold climes are drawn to the vibrant colors of your pansies...what a beautiful violet rim on the petals !

    Fafard is a Canadian company that harvests sphagnum peat moss from bogs in my corner of the world, New Brunswick, (and Quebec).
    Has it been bought by giant agri interests?

  6. New York Pay Dirt Potting Soil from the Lower East Side Ecology Center---the best ever. I bring my compost scraps to Union Square and lug back 20 pound bags of dirt to upper Manhattan. This week as I was tidying up my containers, I found an earthworm that had spent the mild winter on my terrace. Happy worm = happy dirt.


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