Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Sanguinaria canadensis. In the Native Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Wrapped in its little cloak.

One of my favourite American wildflowers.



  1. That was fast! I was there Saturday and didn't see them.

    The warm Spring means the Spring wildflowers won't last long. They're brief in the best of years.

    Bloodroot is probably my favorite Spring ephemeral.

  2. Hi Chris :-) I know! I feel this suppressed panic in case I don't see everything, everywhere, when it opens :-)Perhaps Marielle at Wildflower Week NYC would consider getting an interactive map going, to chart their progress...Hm. Thinking.

  3. Suh-weet...very good time to visit Native Flora. Clocking when people spot ephemerals (and other things) blooming is a great idea. I've seen some trilliums that can't be too far behind now. Good luck trying to catch it all. Feel the same way. Have fun this spring travelling around and trying to capture it all.

  4. Your bloodroot is out earlier than our bloodroot down here -- 10 miles north of the White House. Odd, don't you think? Unless Brooklyn is just that much warmer than my neighborhood. My husband and I went morel-hunting yesterday (found nothing, too early I guess, we KNOW the spot has morels), and I saw lots of early bloodroot, but none of it in bloom.

  5. Lovely plant, sanguineria. A powerful medicinal plant as well.

    Love the photos, Marie! Beautiful as always. ;)


  6. They are so pretty. They remind me of the daisy. Deb


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