Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bon anniversaire...

A birthday in the sunny Saturday house for the Canadian-born. A case of tissue-wrapped wines for private tasting sessions. Shiraz, Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc, sparklers, from South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, France, Italy and California. New wine glasses. Xeroxed score sheets. Edible gifts from the cat: chocolates and a saucisson sec. A cream and egg omelette for breakfast folded over grated Gruyere. Espresso with fluffed milk. Plans for an empty beach on a New York weekend. Back in time for steak tartare at Les Halles.

Happy Birthday, lovely husband.


  1. We call Christmas paper day. We have a thirty six year old tradition of unwrapping gifts, we fling the paper over our shoulders and spread it all over our little living room. We get the cats out of their catroom, and let them play. Your picture made me smile. It looks just like that. Happy Birthday husband of blogger!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you all have a fun day!

  3. How lucky is he??? His feet ain't touched the ground.

    Tissue wrapped bottle of wine for a world tour, dinner at Les Halles. Behave.

    Errrm, isn't Anthony Bourdain actually a cheffy Lou Reed???

  4. Happy birthday! (That tissue looks very reep-able!)

  5. Weer een moment waarop vreugde en verdriet dicht bij elkaar liggen! (Sorry, had to do this in Dutch - pretty sure you'll understand.) Happy birthday! Celebrate well!

  6. Lovely presents :) Belated (been away gardening)Happy Birthday Vince!


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