Monday, March 26, 2012

Class on edible gardening

Strawberry "Fern"

A reminder that in April and May I'll be giving a class at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Edibles on the Edge.

As the blurb says:

From pea shoots to strawberries, get tips on growing, harvesting, and eating four seasons of staple and unusual herbs, vegetables, and fruit in a small urban space. Learn intensive edible gardening methods that work on even the tiniest terrace.

Classes: April 15th and 22nd, from 2pm - 5pm. May 20th, 1pm - 4pm.

Register on the BBG's website. Fill the room! I fear the Void. I'll bring cookies?


  1. Will there be homework?

  2. Ah, a class I'd love to heckle. Best of luck!

  3. No heckling or you're assigned to the Litter Mob!

  4. Betsy, I'd be happy to turn the class over to the heckler :-)I don't have no Harvard degree, jes these lil ole producin pots on ma terrace...

    Donatella, Senza Pieta...:-)

  5. Love your blog, I found it thru Martha's mag. good luck with your class it looks delicious! Diana

  6. If only .... (sigh...) I'd even do the homework!

  7. Ah Fern... I am so looking forward to the season. Best of luck with your class!

    I got a hold of the Martha mag. What a lovely spread.

  8. wish I could join the class- have fun! x


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