Friday, March 23, 2012

Red Hook's maritime influence

Funny that the early summer we have been having in late winter and early spring has been accompanied by creeping fog over New York harbor, nightly fog warnings and a slow-departing mist every morning.

Right on the water in Red Hook spring has been held up. It's colder, here. An off-duty paramedic sat in the sun, her ambulance and sleeping partner resting in the car park beyond. On the pier nearby, the perennial fishermen cast their lines.

(For a Wow!-contrast, look at what this Pier 44 park looked like last June.)

Botanical confusion. A little wind-bitten, but in early white bloom, and scented. Possibly semi-evergreen, I thought. I had no idea what this was. It was only when looking at those summer pictures that I thought...Could it be? The chartreuse leafed Spiraea thunbergiiReally?! 

Yes, said Google.

 I had no idea it bloomed this early. Berber' eenteresteen', as the cat would say. Even more reason to like it. Not only that fine, willowy golden-green foliage, but this early taste of perfume. If you have space for it, tuck in in, somewhere. Good near blue and grey and silver.

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  1. Just love the two "wow" comparison shots of the bench area - June versus March!


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