Monday, March 5, 2012

Knotweed...tick, tick, tick

Yee ha! I am getting excited. It's almost knotweed time.

I looked longingly towards The Ramble when I was in Central Park with my nephew-in-law Yann this morning (zoo- red pandas, lemurs, bright birds), but he is a young man who tolerates little in the way of digression. I'll be back, though I think it's still far too early for the first juicy stalks, despite our weird weather.

Knotweed custard

But - to brief yourselves on what my suppressed greed is all about, visit my story about edible Japanese knotweed in Edible Manhattan, now online. It's available in print, too, but that you have to find it in, well, Manhattan.

It's a brilliant, cold day in New York, and, despite being knotweedless, supper will be good. My mother-in--law and nephew's last night in town, and while they are paying their respects to the Don (Yann is one of his biggest fans) I'll make bagna cauda - the hot bath of garlic and anchovies - with crunchy vegetables, followed by eat-with-your-fingers, herby baby pork ribs. The nephew will eat pasta. He eats only white food. Mango and guavas salad for our desert. My local Key food manager has started stocking guavas. A miracle.

Tomorrow? Prospect Park Litter Mob No. 21. Sign up if you dare.

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