Thursday, March 29, 2012

Taco night

I have developed a taco habit. And I like flour tortillas, rather than corn; pan-toasted, then kept warm in a linen napkin. I had a Mexican boyfriend a long time ago, and his mother sent flour tortillas up from Monterrey. They were flaky and rich, delicious even for breakfast, with honey.

The filling for these tacos could be pork or chicken, but it has to be cooked with orange, tomato (some spoons of spicy jam in this case, made by this blogger who mailed it from Germany, in thanks for strawberry plants, mailed the other way), onion, garlic and dried poblanos. I added cinnamon sticks and fresh oregano to the pot. Cooked long and slow, till the sauce has reduced. The toppings are vegetables cut into matchsticks and pickled fast, in half an hour or so. This time some sunchokes in lime and salt and sugar, and carrots and celery in vinegar. Sour cream (Cabot Creamery's is smooth as silk) and cilantro.

Fold, eat, drip. Sip (some cold beer).


  1. I still think of those yummy tacos you made for us. Did I have four? No I think it was five.

  2. They look absolutely delicious and I am so happy that you have had the chance to use the jam. I was a little nervous sending it to you because all of your food posts always look so amazing.

  3. I'm a very novice cook, so I apologize if this is a silly question, but...
    you cook the meat with orange -- does that mean a slice of orange or the entire orange? And with or without skin? They sound delicious and I want to try to make them!

  4. Frank - you were retrained.

    Karen - yes, yummy :-)

    Monica - your jam is very good. It's the second time I've used it in a sauce. It adds a spiciness and depth of flavour...

    Hi Tresa - in this case I used two thick orange slices, skin and all, and added the pulp of the rest of the orange, without skin or pith. The original version/inspiration is here, where I use juice only:

    And here I used orange slices:

    And soak your poblanos (you can use anchos, too, obviously)or make sure they are under the liquid. I used them whole for the tacos, seeds and all, and they just disintegrate after a couple of hours.

  5. Did you mean restrained? I have to try.


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