Thursday, August 18, 2011

While growing from mud, it is unstained*

The lotus. Stunning creature. Nelumbo nucifera, at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

I decided to pop in there yesterday after the Litter Mob (all of two mobsters, thank you, Elizabeth!) across the road in Prospect Park, to take pictures but also to see if I could talk to the new director of media. We had emailed each other briefly about running a short short piece on the BBG's website about the open gardens day in Nutley, New Jersey in honor of Elizabeth Scholtz: the two Richard Hartlage-designed gardens of Graeme Hardie and Silas Mountsier, on September 10th; the proceeds from which would be donated to the BBG. The response had been all positive but then it ran cold, so I needed to see what was up.

Well, we shall see.

The lotuses are just ending, the water lilies are just beginning.

There are still lotus flowers in Prospect Park, though (below). As well as condoms, trash, a flasher and a long road ahead. I'll post that on the Litter Mob blog tomorrow. Not the flasher- a skinny old man with a limp exposing himself while sitting on log...

*Zhou Dunyi, 1017-1073, writing of the lotus, which he preferred to peonies.


  1. Lotus are so lovely. I would die to have one in my pond, but they take way too much room and I am not willing to give up the fish space. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. lotus are very elegant flowers in my opinion:) you took good shots!


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