Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My phone rang while I was choosing plums on the sidewalk outside Mr Lee's. It was Vince, recently emerged from the subway and asking whether I needed anything. I told him where I was. And as I left the store with my plums, nectarines, figs and fresh bunch of dill, he was waiting for me on the sidewalk. Something about seeing him there was a lot like seeing him for the first time, at Newark International Airport, in September 2007. Perhaps because he was wearing black, then, too. Taller, slimmer than I had expected, and with broader shoulders. The broad shoulders are especially helpful. 

We wandered our usual stretch, picking up gin for evening cocktails,  an organic chicken, some leaves for salad, and then walked home, where we set the post hurricane terrace and roof to rights...

The cat liked the new, old arrangement. He has not been able to get out for days, as the terrace was clogged with pots.

Some strawberries were sent to the roof, to make more space, here. Later the pots were steadied on their pot-feet and nifty corks.

And then we had big, fat drinks on the silvertop, and discussed the state of things. 

Mine was a Paintbrush, his a martini. Later we ate roast chicken (the first in...all of summer?) stuffed with herbs, and tomatoes stuffed* with rice, dill, etc. Fig and wild arugula salad. Plums for dessert.

1.45pm: Just occurred to me: Was the subtext "get stuffed"?


  1. The Paintbrush looks and reads delicious. Had to smile at the picture with Estorbo and the lovage (?). I see a rooftop garden is not spared clover invasion.

  2. Marie, I am glad your garden survived and now life is getting back to normal. I love the picture of Estorbo surveying his domain, master of all he sees. Life is good!

  3. would chambourd in the paintbrush be a good substitute?

    i would need a drink to see my cat "on the ledge". but he is a savvy cat.

  4. Storbito, mi amor, te quiero mucho.

  5. You forget that Newark meant coffee. I should have been waiting outside Mr. Lee's with 2 coffees in hand... ;-)

  6. So glad that NYC did not get the deluge that was expected and that your roof garden mostly survived in good shape.

    There is almost nothing in life than having your man pop up (from the subway or elsewhere) and surprise you at the end of the day.

    Did the beach farm make it ok?

    sorry about ShelterPop, but happy and intrigued with the book possibility. Whew! caught up!


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