Monday, August 15, 2011

The herb of summer

My post about cooking with summer savoury*, one of my most-used terrace herbs,  is up at Edible Manhattan. 

* I am at a crossroads. Summer savoury, summer savory. Favourite, favorite. What should I do? Up to now I have been sticking to the Commonwealth's "ou" on this blog. When I write for American publications however, obviously I lose the "u" and write "o". Is it time to change and write it all just one way? Am I confusing anyone?


  1. Pas du tout. "Ou" ... "o" ... ça ne fait rien.

    (I don't know what this means and am very confused, but the human says to pass this message along.)

  2. Part of what makes you "you" is your background and heritage. That includes "ou". Please keep writing the way that is most comfortable and natural.

    I would like it if you used "whilst" once in a while. It makes me smile when my British blogfriends use it.

    But then, maybe it's not "you" either!

    By the way... this is an odd question coming from a lady who has a cat who speaks in a Spanish accent! Si?

  3. According to the SA COD (Oxford) the word is "savory" and has no u in it. Describes it as an aromatic plant of the mint family used as a culinary herb. Summer savory - Satureja hortensis. You can comfortably abandon the "u"


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