Monday, August 22, 2011

Tomatoes - they're what's for dinner

Tripped out to Pacific Gourmet on Court Street; I had remembered seeing huge beefsteak tomatoes there. I buy olive oil from them,  as they always have a good deal, far better even than Sahadi's. They had wonderful-looking grapes and the owner invited me to take some fresh from a new box, as bees buzzed around the others on display. I like bees, I said. He said, You are only person who like bees!

Then I went inside and found chestnut honey, which is one of those things that defies description.  The seasons are itching to change. Must be. Why else would I look for honey, which I eat, I think, when the air is crisp? This may be August, but we have the long, clear light of September. When I left, the owner, still on the sidewalk,  handed me a big, fat cherry, and asked if I was German. The cherry was firm and juicy. An old lady beside him was chewing one, too. How else to describe her? She was bent and leaned on a shopping cart. One day, I will be described as an old lady. It terrifies me at night.

Anyway, I received a recipe today, fresh from Istanbul, where people know how and what to eat. I had asked my friend Bevan last night what to make for dinner so today he told me. Stuffed tomatoes.

Recipe over at 66 Square Feet (the Food). I'll post pictures later, when they have been taken...


  1. Sounds divine. Think I may make it this weekend. What is "round rice", tho?

  2. I think short-grained.

    I just used basmati :-)


  3. Majid Ali, if you story is true, some advice:

    Write real a blog, meaning - about you, your real experiences in Haiti. Even if it is just a short journal of your day. Your story is what will be interesting to people who read the blog. Your blog is filled with quotes from other people. That is not interesting, and makes nobody sympathetic to your needs.

    People want to read about you. What you do, where you live, how you live, what you think and feel.

    Second, I am afraid you will never make enough money with these ads to pay for your tuition. For this you (or I) would need traffic in the thousands every day. I am very sorry. They just are not money makers.

    Write about you.

  4. This might sound a little weird, but I think in some subconscious way, through reading your blog, I have also come to like bees. I always enjoy the posts in which you speak of them.

    The other day, I was weeding in the garden, and as you predicted, it's become a haven for bees. Every morning I see dozens and dozens of honeybees swarming the calamintha, which is covered in flowers right now. There was once a time I'd be scared of them all, but now it brings a huge smile to my face. I realized over the weekend that it was you who helped put that smile there.

    Thank you. :)

  5. That's so nice, Jill. And yes, the calamintha is a magnet. If the honey was only from calamintha, do you think it would be minty?

    I have seen more honey bees this year than last, which is really comforting. Must be more hives in the hood.


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