Friday, August 5, 2011

An American Tail

There are nooo cats in America, there are nooo cats in America...(You must pronounce it kets) - what I will be singing for the next week. Sorry, Vince.

We met friends for a picnic last night at Pier One, Brooklyn Bridge Park, but had not bargained for the blow up movie screen and super sound system. We decamped to the other lawn, facing north, and had a less peaceful picnic than planned with music blasting until dark fell, and showtime. We feel quite lucky, now, to have known this park before it grew popular.

As we left we walked back up the personmade hill that has made this site so successful and where popcorn was toasting in carts, and burly guards were keeping pathways clear. I'm not sure how much fun it was to be so squished here with everyone else, but what a view, and a perfect setting for this movie.

And there are noooo kets in America!


  1. If Renoir was a present day photographer this is what his work would look like.

    The Movie Party.

    xo Jane

  2. Wow, the skyline is incredible. A great view if the movie is bad!

  3. "the personmade hill"...

    Personmade? Really? I'm all for equality, but words like that are just cumbersome.

  4. Come on Anonymous - be a man/woman. Give your name. What's wrong with "personmade hill" huh? Language lives.

  5. dinahmow - "there ees worn cad en Ameriicaaa..."

    jane - his light would have been better, too :-)

    Rachelle - yes!

    Anonymoose - "Anonymous" is also rather cumbersome. Another thing - humour. It lives, too. In various spellings.

    Hen! Thank you! xxx


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