Monday, August 1, 2011

Les tomates

My first ripe red zebra.

I can't remember which one this is - but it's one of Frank's.

Pale yellow are lemon drop cherries, dark yellow are Frank's cherries, red pear cherries and the red zebra. These almost all went - halved - into a post-Fire Island salad of thin strips of green mango, blanched but crunchy green beans, cilantro, mint and Thai basil from the terrace, and an eye-widening dressing of lime juice, fish sauce, fresh raw ginger, garlic, jalapeno, sugar and black pepper.

Vincent, usually a salad-averse person, scraped his bowl clean.


  1. We're still eating le tomates fairly unadultered now that they have come in. I know which one you have due to its incredibly uniform shape and color. It is Bella Rosa. I have yet to eat mine, I have two ripe on the counter. They hold so well on the counter I think they may taste like the super market! Or not. I grew them in a pot two years ago and I remember it to be late and perfect looking, can't recall flavor.

    Incidentally, the one in the ricotta can was Reisenstraube -the original German grape. Unremarkable so far, except for its little point at the bottom of each large cherry.

    Likey those zebras.

  2. Wonderful tomatoes. Mitchell won't touch anything but a Better Boy - yikes! - and thinks that yellow tomatoes are by definition something other than tomato. It's like having a five year old around! But I can dream. Your harvest is wonderful.

  3. That tomato is a thing of beauty!

  4. I just had to enter another comment because the WV is "catish"! Nothing to do with tomatoes, but how cool is that?!

  5. love the red zebra unique! hope you share this week at Cottage Flora Thursday's!!! oxxo, tracie

  6. Ohh...I can taste and smell that fabulous dressing.

    Just planted our first tomato plants this side- roma- wish we could get the varieties everyone speaks of!

  7. that red ripe zebra looks like a work of art and your salad sounds delish.


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