Friday, August 5, 2011

July's flowers

I am so incredibly depressed by the mosaics of condoms for the litter mob blog that I realized I had not made collection of flowers for July. Felt better at once.

These were the flowers of July. I can't believe it is August. Can you spot the natives (in American sense)?

Chicory, Prospect Park; Queen Anne's lace, Rockaways; Echinacea, Prospect Park; spotted knapweed, Rockaways; soapwort, Rockaways; Coreopsis, Rockaways; cardinal flower, Pier One; Unknown blue, Pier One; Joe-pye weed, Pier One, Unknown blue, Pier One; wild bergamot, Pier One; loosestrife, Pier One;
button bush, Prospect Park; flowering raspberry, Prospect Park; elderflower, Pier One; Vitex, Fire Island.

I shall go back to Pier One today. The cardinal flowers (Lobelia cardinalis) were drop dead gorgeous  last night, in not enough light. Also Helianthus and ironweed in profusion. I wonder actually if they have a problem with's a jungle.


  1. I was reading through your litter mob blog this, politics, parks...very engaging.

    Do people not have sex in bed anymore?

  2. Oh, Thomas, I wish! Funny! You are right, though, politics, and complication. I believe many of the men here are living two lives. They have wives or girlfriends outside the woods, and choose to express themselves only in the woods, due to pressure/persecution from their community or their own issues with being attracted to other men. Very much on the down-low. Others are just there for the thrill of anonymous hook ups, I guess. Regardless, I bet none of their bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms are treated the the way their treat the forest floor.

  3. Lovely flowers! The do counterbalance the Litter Mob finds.

  4. Great collage of flowers there - lovely. I've really enjoyed reading your blog too.
    I had a few days in New York 3 years ago - but it was February and -15. we had a great time though!

  5. From a public health standpoint, it is great that folks are using condoms. On the other hand, Marie's having to pick up after these folks is not necessarily great for her health. How can folks be made to pick up after themselves?

    Thank-you for the flowers, Marie!


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