Sunday, August 7, 2011

Red currant jam

I still plan things on paper.

And the red currant jam recipe is at 66 Square Feet (the Food).


  1. If only the birds hadn't eaten all 4 of my currants.

    And the grapes and blueberries.

    Next year?

    xo jane

  2. No currents, but am making stone fruit jam nearly everyday. Can't imagine how we will eat it all, but can't bear the thought of giving it away - it's so good!

    This looks great!

  3. Such a wonderful table! I covet the lovely hemstitched napkin. I noticed you gave one to your neighbor with the gift of strawberries. Do you recall where you found the linen?

    Actually, I also covet your grandmother's coffee cup. And that fine looking muffin. You baked that, right? Where might I find the recipe?

    That terrific sunshade over your door is like a spider's web. I use an old, wretched stick roll-down shade. I can't see the flowers through it as well as you can yours.

    You do everything perfectly. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

    All the best.

  4. Jane - next year. Always. xx

    Dr. P - this one I bought three of (great English) because I anticipated never finding any more. I found it at Flight 101, and it just says Made in Korea, "MMMG" at the back, has a silver cover which says Past Present Future, a week per two pages and you fill in the rest.

    webb - every day, my goodness. You're good. Do you use pectin, ever?

    Solange - you're funny :-)

    The napkin is South African - my mom gave me a set. The neighbour, nice as he is, did not get one!

    The cup is Anthropologie, and I am in love with them.

    The shade is old, wretched and made from sticks, too!

  5. Solange - forgot:

    Here's the recipe - such as it is - for the muffin/flapjack/scone thing:

    I have not used cornmeal for a while.

  6. You've just made the kids very happy this morning (holiday this side, as its woman's day tomorrow, super long weekend)
    There will be fresh scones for breakfast, unfortunately without the homemade jam...

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