Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake NYC

Cat ready for evacuation.

First the chair shook, then it went on shaking, then I heard the building creaking and realized it was all going back and forth. Bits of plaster fell from the skylights.

I immediately blamed the major construction across the road and thought of sinkholes, and stuffed the howling cat in his pet carrier.

At 1.55pm I emailed our landlord: Brian, our building is shaking. May be construction across the road. No exaggeration. Shaking.

I grabbed clothes, found my wallet and passport, and all the while the creaks and cracklings continued in the roof and walls. Creepy. Called 311. Line busy, and then realized the shaking had stopped. My hands were trembling.


The real thing must be awful. Brian felt it, too. For once, tenant and landlord have bonded.
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