Monday, August 8, 2011

Roof farm necessities

After barely being able to lift the basket full of produce from Frank and Betsy's beach farm, I picked my own modest haul from the silvertop roof above our heads. Last night we ate the tomatoes with basil and torn up bread, and the little ones with some good buffalo mozzarella.

Perhaps we should all expand our farms? I had some money from my 9-5 days squirreled away, nice and inaccessible (to me) and being tended by a money farmer. After today, I don't even want to look.

So I guess I'll keep on watering.


  1. If only our 401(k) grew as well as the roof garden, or the beach farm. Definitely keep watering, you may not be able to buy food soon - none of us may!!

  2. jeez, should I look? Not that I have many pennies tossed in the fortune pool.

    Excellent post, but I am biased. Your toms look good, and you know for all that I have, we've had tomato lunches daily since Friday.

    Thinking of a farm, a larger farm....

  3. I love reading your posts. And your photos are always spectacular. This is a lovely place to visit.

  4. The humans say they would much have preferred to pay higher taxes than to incur the financial losses that came as a result of the stubborn insistence of some in Congress not to "raise taxes". Keep on farming! Looks like you got ahead of the birs with the tomatoes?

  5. Lovely tomatoes. Beautiful backdrop too. South African?


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