Saturday, August 27, 2011

Storm in a tea cupHurricane checklist on Henry Street

This afternoon, before the pots came down

Bottled water
Charge phone, radio and camera batteries
Extra candles (mood lighting)
All pots down from terrace sides onto terrace floor
Secure climbing roses
Tomatoes and tepees on roof cut down and cages removed
Loose glass from neighbor's roof removed
Batten down the skylight hatch
Waterproof the cat(with butter)
Eat at Al di La before the Gowanus is unpassable
Withdraw cash
Take pictures of hurricane shopping lines
Fill bath with water for flushing in case of water issues
Buy hurricane menu ingredients
Stock up on wine

Happy Hurricane, everyone. I'm itching to see the action: all low-lying areas under mandatory evacuation, but alas, we will stay put (hear that, Mommy? Moenie worry nie). It's going to be crazy enough with subways, buses and trains shutting down altogether starting at noon tomorrow.

Pots down


7.29pm - all city beaches are closed. Starting tomorrow, Central Park, Prospect Park, zoos, all state parks and all* farmers markets will be closed. All Broadway shows canceled Saturday and Sunday.

More info here.

* Union Square, Inwood, Fort Green and Grand Army Plaza markets will be open from 8AM-11AM

Here's a link to see what evacuation zone you live in. 

Sheep and fruit pots ready for evacuation, below.

The last tomatoes. More about them at Edible Manhattan.

And yes, we have flashlights!


  1. It's good to know le Chat is rainproof. Be safe.

  2. We go through similar routines here, including other people's
    "loose cannons."
    Thinking of you and others, Good luck.

  3. I really hope Irene doesn't do too much harm and damage.

  4. Good luck! I hope you will all well.

    We have a charger thingee that can be wound by hand.

  5. I suggest a land line phone and the head lamp/book lights. I assume you have flash lights. Oh and a battery powered radio. Power loss is the worst. Wishing you well. Storbito has many besitos from me!

  6. Making good progress on your good plan. Stay safe.

  7. Just thinking of you and sending some "be safe" prayers. Marie safe, Vince safe and Storbie safe. Take care, you are in our thoughts.

  8. Thank you, everyone. And if you are in the line of fire, take care, too. We will be fine - we're on high ground, have plenty of essentials. The only slight concern I have is the skylights. But we live on tree-lined streets and I hope that everyone bears that in mind. And it may blow right by us. The news makes it seem quite frantic.

  9. Stay safe all 3 of you. I will be thinking of you until Irene has passed, hopefully with minimal damage.
    I did see a report that advised tacking/nailing down curtains to keep them between you and the glass, Maybe you could tack something under the skylights...
    Good luck.

  10. I am a new fan to your site and check in almost every day. What a way to see the little pockets of beauty in New York. I consider your little paradise there on the rooftop in that wonderful group. I am fascinated at how you can grow so many wonderful things in such a small space. Tomatoes, watermelon and strawberries, mmmmmm. My mouth always waters when I see your pickins. I like to see how you set your little table and think it's great you have made a little haven up there an give us a little glimpse.

    All of that being said, please stay safe, all of you, and I hope that no horrible damage is done to any of your little lovelies up there. Look forward to your next post to see how you are fairing!

  11. Attitude is everything, but wine certainly helps. The only folks I know and care about in NYC are you and Estorbo. We'll be thinking about you every time we watch the news.

  12. Be safe Marie, Vince and Don Estorbo, I will be thinking of you in Vermont. I hope you and your gardens are able to weather the storm. Estorbo, it might be time to get out that umbrella again!

  13. I'm keeping an eye on the news from rainy England... May Irene be kind and let no harm come to the three of you. Marie, Vince, Estorbo - thoughts and prayers of safety are winging their way! And that said, I do sense an element of excitement - if safe, I would be ready with my camera too :)

  14. Following the news and wishing you well. Hope Irene is a storm in a teacup ;-)

  15. Good luck! Hope you and your garden will come out happy at the other end.

  16. Take pictures of the lines even at the most ordinary corner stores!

    We missed the wine, so we're having G&Ts.

    Did get a spiral sausage.

    And now, out to the yard garden before the rain comes back!


  17. Good luck Marie- we got a glimpse on the news and it looks pretty fearsome!
    Hope you all stay warm, dry and safe and that your plantjies don't suffer any damage!

  18. hello marie, is this your brooklin garden? looks great! It is amazing that you have such a garden.


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