Sunday, August 28, 2011


The drink that I shook up for Vincent (I had red wine) on Saturday evening. I call it a Baybreaker.

There is some fear that 'the ocean will meet the bay' at high tide - around 7.30am in that area - on Sunday. The ocean being the Atlantic on the east side of the narrow, sandy string of barrier islands off Long Island: Fire Island, Long Beach, Jones Beach, the Rockaways; the bay being Great South Bay,  Reynolds Channel and Jamaica Bay, on the landward side. This would of course flood many homes, parks, and also a beach farm we are are rooting for.

So here's one in your eye, Irene.

A Baybreaker is northern bayberry-infused gin (the leaves and berries picked off the dunes in the Rockaways themselves), with dry vermouth and a little juice from pickled field garlic, gathered in April in Inwood. Strong juju...

May the barrier islands remain above sea level.

Half past midnight, and it is raining hard.


  1. Ha, can't sleep (either?).

    Gonna step outside and give a whirl to the neighb.

    Somewhere on the barriers there may be a break. They've happened before. My guess is further east where the sand is not as wide, west hampton if anywhere.

    We appreciate the rootin. But that farm is not going to taste salt water. It may flatten, but it won't swim!

  2. Thinking of you from way over here - listening to the news and hoping that all is well for you ...

  3. Can't sleep herein NJ either - 2:45 am - not yet very windy but oh so much rain!!!

    Word verification word is "windo" !!!

  4. I've been following Irene too.

    I hope a catasthrophe is averted. I'd shake one of those and drink to that.

  5. The rain arrived in the Northeast Kingdom of VT around 3AM. It's supposed to rain all day dropping 4-8 inches.High wind gusts of 50-60 miles per hour this afternoon.Power will probably go out as trees topple over due to high winds and soil saturation.

    I hope you all come through OK.
    Hoping Frank's garden comes through too.
    Be safe and well. Many people are rooting for you!

  6. All over - thank you for good wishes. Mostly a damp squib, but that's better than too-exciting.

    Halfpint, it must have blown past you by now, too - how was it?

  7. halfpintvt - you still above water? Doesn't look too good in your neck of the woods.

  8. Marie, Internet down all day finally came back around 8PM. The situation in some parts of Vermont is very bad with some areas in the southern part of the state like Brattleboro over run by flood waters. I live in East Burke and we came through it ok but the town next door (Lyndon)had quite a bit of flooding and the main road into town was closed for 24 hours. In some parts of the state people are landlocked due to bridge and road damage. Worst storm we've ever had. The recovery will take years!


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